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A Letter From My Mind – Reprogramming

My friend and close confidante. We live together, and do things together despite these seeming closeness we aren't real and truthful to ourselves. Many times you have kept the truth away from me, albeit unwittingly. While other times I have kept the same truth away from you and fed you with delusions, mixed with a… Continue reading A Letter From My Mind – Reprogramming

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Be Yourself and Stay

I understand your fears through mine, amidst the smiles, confusion and tears, the confusion of whether we were right, or whether we've been playing ourselves like a fiddle. The unanswered questions making you fret, because you can't place a bet on whether I would stay or jet-away to some place faraway from you without delay.… Continue reading Be Yourself and Stay

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Itching for a convo

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming desire to have a conversation with someone. An open conversation on just about anything. Fears, worries, hopes and aspirations are traded without judgement. I just have this desire to connect with another human being, on a laid back, no strings attached level. To be completely open and transparent for… Continue reading Itching for a convo


Making Business a Force For Good In a Changing Society

Business is recognized as a system in society that is affected by and affects other systems in the society (communities, government bodies, other organizations, the natural environment etc). It is generally understood that businesses strive to meet the various needs of a society in an on-going basis, and one of the ways by which this… Continue reading Making Business a Force For Good In a Changing Society