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Music Makes Me Vulnerable. What Does Music Do To You?

Music for me has replaced sex. It makes sweet love to my soul.

Music for me is like a healing pot of honey, poured within the emotional cracks of my soul. It soothes, caresses and smoothes out hurts and pains.

Music Makes Us Vulnerable

Many times, I’ve found myself crying out in mind blown ecstasy. Other times, I cry out in ejaculative heart-wrenching pain as the lyrics grope towards a part of my soul that human hands can’t reach.

Music Is Humbling

Music has a way of humbling me to tears. Tears of emotions, and hidden fears I’m unaware of. Tears of repressed disappointments I didn’t know were getting pent up. Tears of hope and an expected future.

music-748118_640 - CopyMusic Cleanses

Music for me is like a catharsis. It purges me. And leaves me raring to push ahead. It cleans out my emotions with its sleeves, and leaves it squeaky clean.

Music Connects

Music connects my soul to another realm. The realm of the Spirit, openness. Strength and possibilities. Music connects and entwines two hearts.

Little wonder Shakespeare exclaimed: “If music be the food of love, play on”.

What does music do to you?


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