Thoughts On Why You Should Consider Celebrating Your Birthday Twice A Year

We all deserve to celebrate our birthdays twice in a year!

We all deserve it, but not everyone gets this opportunity. Why do we need to celebrate our birthdays twice in a year? I say this because there comes a time in your life when you say: fuck it! I’ve had enough of this shit!
From here on out I’ll stop living my life without excuses. These moments are worth celebrating!
All you’ll need to do is make: ‘fuck-it-all I’m gonna go for this shit and keep trying until I win it’ your new default mindset.
Yes this might be a tall order. But, like Les Brown would say, IT’S POSSIBLE!
I Believe We All Deserve To Celebrate Our Birthdays Twice In A Year!

Besides, there will be days when getting out of bed would be a struggle. There will be days when all your plans would blow up on your face.
And oh, there sure would be days when you will fuck up big time and make a complete ass of yourself! Cry if you must, bawl your eyes out and moan about how unfair the world is.
When you are through; take it all in stride. Smile like the boss you are. Soon your brand-new ‘second birthday programming’ will override your mental hangups.

Now here’s the story…

For the most part of our lives, all we do is trudge along from day to day. Lifeless and devoid of enthusiasm and passion. Riddled with negative thoughts, mental clutter, self-loathing, ah… you know the drill.
Doing what Baloo in the 90’s cartoon, Jungle Book, calls the ‘bare necessities’.
Yet as I reflect on my past, and this journey of existence called life. I realize that doing the bare necessities. Continuing with the same old status quo. Functioning to get by, functioning to live another day; will get us no where meaningful at the long run.
These activities: eating, sleeping, crying, fighting. Holding-a-grudge, attending a ‘school’ but failing to educate ourselves.
Working 9-5 at a job you cannot put up with, getting married sometime in the future. Build a house or pay rent. Play, travel, quarrel, indulge in illicit sex. Gossip, smoke, numb our mind with alcohol, have kids, age, start a business, retire etc.
We hold onto these things with tenacity; but at the long run; are they helpful?
In a sense many of these activities, appear to be meaningful. But they will play no great role in giving us the kind of life we silently pine for.

Doing The Bare Necessities Will Get You Nowhere

Many like me, used to indulge in these activities with no personal meaning or purpose.
But as I look back, I begin to see them as nothing but clutter. Olakunle Soriyan calls it “aging without growth”.
We go through these daily motions with no clear meaning or overriding sense of purpose.
The same motions every other person goes through.
And since everyone is doing it, heck we follow suit. Taking the day, and doing the bare necessities as they come.
Many like me, have a program running in their minds. Making them think that the meaning of an activity lies in its content. But this is not true.

You Have The Power To Recondition Your Mind

This programming that society installed in our mind, directs us, it hypnotizes us. It even lulls us to sleep. And while we appear to be awake, we are actually asleep.
So unbeknownst to us, we end up living way below our inherent capacity.
We live below what we are in truth capable of doing, being and achieving.
People think it’s their rotten luck to perpetuate their ‘bad breaks’. People think it’s their lot to be mediocre. They think it’s their lot to struggle.
Many never realize that they can recondition their minds for good. They fail to realize that reprogramming their thought patterns can help them achieve the success they long for.
So, these negative thought patterns are unconsciously accepted. They thereby think themselves into powerlessness. Changing their reality becomes an uphill task.
So, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whenever they try something that makes them come alive. This programming kicks in and the hidden fear takes over.
Fear_The icy tendrils of fear, takes hold of their minds. It grips their thought process; holding it with intensity. Like the deer caught in the headlights, they are held between moving forward and standing still.
And the opportunity tolive, do and be more slips by.
Yet, their will always be moments to engage life and live with purpose and meaning. But if we aren’t in the present, these moments will continue to slip us by.
Take advantage of these moments of power to live, do and be more.
I put it to you that this your one wild life should be lived with meaning, with purpose and with power.

Stop Holding Yourself Back – Give Your Life A Personal Meaning/Purpose

Stop and think about it for a few minutes. What are you actually reserving your creative energies for? Who or what are you reserving your power for? Okay, you are afraid but what are you so afraid of? Death? Failure?
Even if you aren’t qualified, be bold. Man up and step forward.
You can always learn as you work.

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