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A Letter From My Mind – Reprogramming

My friend and close confidante.
We live together, and do things together
despite these seeming closeness we
aren’t real and truthful to ourselves.

Many times you have kept the truth away from
me, albeit unwittingly. While other times I have kept the
same truth away from you and fed you with delusions,
mixed with a dose of unreality.

Besides we have both done these things
with the best intentions. You kept the truth
away for you were trying to protect me and
I was also protecting you from the ‘hardfacts’.

Alas! It has led us nowhere, instead we’ve been
walking around in circles. For deep down within us
we both know the truth. Doing otherwise will be
detrimental to the expansion of your Consciousness
and the progress you seek daily.

Although we appear to be two entities, yet
we are one and the same; the difference being
our planes of existence. I live in the mental plane,
while you reside in the physical plane.

I exert more influence over your life,
it rests on you to give the directions.
Left to myself, I might lead you through
a path filled with thorns, pains and regrets.

But if I’m properly and consciously
directed by you, your rewards would
exceed the short-term privations and
suffering you would have to endure.

Today I let go of my overtly critical voice.
I let go of constantly criticizing you over
what you did or didn’t do. I embrace love,
and a more considerate, compassionate,
loving, kind, encouraging and sincere voice.

Whenever I do criticize, it will be done to
spur you to take a step back and reevaluate
your decisions so as to take a better one.
We are in this together.

Today I accept you. I accept your body.
I agree that at this point you are doing
your best and working from your best intentions,
people might argue otherwise, but this is about your
life not theirs.

Whether the results are ‘good’ and/or bad.
but its your best nonetheless.
On that note I implore you to raise your level of
consciousness and awareness. Be aware. Be present. Be here.
Be in this moment.

Although this sounds easy, but it would require committed effort,
consistency and repetition so as to do away with
the negative, limited and unhelpful programming that
have been wittingly and unwittingly programmed into
ME by YOU, parents, society, the media and the environment.

I accept you, your perfections, imperfections,
flaws and quirks. Please accept me whole.
Only then can we wrought the change
you desire.

What follows after that is for
you to also accept yourself completely,
this will open new doors of conscious
awareness into areas that you have
hitherto locked out from yourself.

I leave you with this: You have fears.
To you they appear real.
But they are not. Fear is mental. Fear is
me stopping you. Fear is me trying to
‘protect’ you. But we know better now, don’t we?

Those fears are mental programs, they run
automatically and are triggered in various
scenarios and situations. So starting today,
promise yourself that you would do the
opposite of these fears every time they pop up.

If perchance you don’t pull through the first time,
you try, don’t beat yourself up. keep trying,
keep doing it. After many interruptions
of doing the opposite of your fear script,
you would have installed a new program in me.

From then on I’d take over the automatic
interruptions of your fear script thereby
reducing the work on your conscious attention
leaving you with time and energy to focus on
reprogramming other areas and changing unhelpful
thought patterns I constantly run.


Your Beautiful Mind.


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