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Be Yourself and Stay

I understand your fears through mine, amidst the smiles, confusion and tears, the confusion of whether we were right, or whether we’ve been playing ourselves like a fiddle.

The unanswered questions making you fret, because you can’t place a bet on whether I would stay or jet-away to some place faraway from you without delay.

Understand that many of these fears are mine too, you want to be wanted by me -and I do want you- desperately.
On the other hand I also want to feel wanted by you too, it sure won’t kill me to say it.

But amidst all this, I want you to know I’m here to stay, with you by my side.
I’ll take you on a jolly ride touring exotic places and cities – swimming in the tide of our renewed affections, as we rekindle lost passions and create new ones, while silencing our inner critic with every step that we take together.

You are mine to have and hold, and I am yours. Let us embrace with understanding our warts, and understand each other through perfections and imperfections, good and not so good times and situations, through storms and sunshine, lightning and thunder, even in rains of love and through rainbows of peace.

Together; moment by moment, day by day – as we would eventually look back at the years we have spent together, looking over challenges we have both faced and overcome and the limitations that has been substituted for financial independence, freedom, all flowing in abundance and love, and happily cherish every moment.

Stay with me and I with you, lovers and friends – sweet and bitter. Now and always!



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