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Precisely how I felt this morning!



There comes a time when it feels like all is lost. You feel like a shell of your self. You feel like your being has altered. You are nothing anymore. Just a breathing joke of your old self. It feels like this life you are living is nothing more than a formality. You feel suicidal at times. Others? Like  you would willingly, happily murder the cause of your pain. You become volatile. You become…dangerous. To the “society” and to your own self. You are deemed useless. You become prone to bad-mouthing. You become used to listening shit about yourself and taking it like a pro. You become used to listening. Period. You forget how to raise your voice. You forget how to be yourself. You become meek. But that is something which teaches you a lot. It teaches you to listen. It teaches you to keep your trap shut. It…

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