Forget the howling infernal storm raging on around you.
Disregard the rain even as it pelters upon your face.

Ignore it even though it valiantly beats against your brow, and seemingly appears to be winning the battle of making you turn back with a frown, in defeat.

Bow your head with a grim determination, put one foot ahead of the other.
Slug it on, as long as you hold on for one moment more.

You have been writing your heart out, despite that, your blog is rarely viewed.
Your blog is viewed thousands of times, but the money it’s bringing in is low.
Bills piling up like a mountain, while at night, you spout fountains of silent tears.
Hold on for one moment more.

In the morning, pick your pen and paper, with a smile on your face and determination in your breast to hold on for one moment more.

Let the jeers and boos of those who ask you to face ‘reality’ be like music in your ears as you continue to hold on for one moment more.

The world is fickle, and it might soon relent if you keep holding on for one moment more.

When you feel like giving up, when you have cried your heart out at the pain and frustrations.
With puffy red eyes and a grim smile, please hold on for one moment more – for you might strike gold around the corner.

In a moment the tides might turn.
In a moment all the rejections and failures you have piled up might turn up an astounding success – in a moment.
Only if you would just hold on for one more moment.

See life is a fickle child who delights in seeing you squirm as she pokes the stick at you, but always remain steadfast.

She’ll get tired and snap out of it, only if you would hold on for just one moment more and you would eventually turn out with a price bigger than you had set – for you held on for one moment more.

Risky Mallam


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