Would you stay and keep it real?

Would you ‘try’ to understand me and my ways sometime?

Would you keep calm if I roll a blunt once in a while? If you won’t, would you try not to scream and call me a ‘useless’ man because of the negative connotations?

Would you still kiss me, even if you can taste the herb in my mouth?

Would you pour me a snifter of ogogoro and/or scotch, while we are lounging at home and not try to be preachy?

Would you go clubbing with me on weekends just for the heck of it?

Would you take care of business and spend some once in a while on house keeping?

Not on the regular, but would you do it in those days all upcoming men face when the funds are low?

Would you try to understand that some days, I might not always be there for you precisely at the time when you might need me?

Would you also remember those days when I moved heaven and earth just to be by your side and comfort you?

Would you sit down with me and make plans for our future and that of our kids?

Would you? Would you?


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