Do you sometimes feel stuck?

I pulled an all-nighter last night. Why? I really don’t know.
My conscious mind wanted to sleep on time, but I guess my subconscious had other plans.

Either that, or I wasn’t paying attention to my actions (which is a recipe for failure) now I’m up, and I feel like shit.

Plus it is my birthday 16 June, I turn 29. Technically I’m still where I was last year, in my parents house. But the mindset and inner dialogue has changed, and its getting better. I have more belief in my self and abilities, I’m doing something about my writing and platform.

By this time next year. I would be living in my own apartment, working on my online platform and making huge returns from it.

I would also commence free public lectures in schools, churches and/or organizations.

I know I’m immensely blessed without a doubt, but sometimes I feel like a Ferrari that is stuck on the 2nd gear, it can only go so fast.

Barely living up to its reputation of being a super fast car. This too will change, I will look into it.

So Happy birthday to me btw it was on the 16th of June.

I pray this day comes with the fulfillment and the fruition of past labors, desires and good seeds planted in my creative mind (It did).

And the arrival of the gifts, blessings and uncommon favor that my Creator sent my way and the upliftment of my head for greater exploits. Amen! (it has)


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