Philosophy, Thoughts

Your Life. Your Business. No One Else’s.

Live your life, please don’t go through the trouble to tell me how to live mine.

Its not like you have the owners manual? Or do you?

I’ll try not to bother you with my troubles and/or worries, but please do not add to mine.

If you say something behind my back, where do you think that places you? Behind me!

If I’m the topic of your conversation, I pray to God that I’ll have the strength to do more. So you’ll always have something to talk about, while I’ll be doing the doing.

And you’d be doing the talking,
while you ate at it. Remember what they say is cheap? Yeah, that’s right Talk!

Friends, pay no mind to whatever anyone says about you. If it’s mean, negative, hateful, critical… just shake it off and move on.

You do not owe anyone any explanations for your actions, except The Headman up there – God and yourself.

It’s your life. Live it, as long as you do what is morally right, harm no one (thoughts, words, actions) and cheat no one.

Then by all means carry on.


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