The creative forces in Man.

Creative. This word has been so defined and redefined that it has almost lost its TRUE deeper meaning.

When I hear the word creative, the first thing that pops into my mind is usually: doing something uniquely different e.g Discovering the cure for cancer, Writing 10 best selling books in three years, Writing 50 hit songs, Discovering ingenious ways of living life simply without breaking the bank etc etc.

With the definitions above, it is easy for people to quickly count Themselves out of the ‘Creative’ Peoples Party because they believe they cannot do any of the above (neither am I here to tell you that you can anyway.. or can you. But?)

Man is inherently creative. Man is a creative being, and he is constantly creating and recreating ideas, circumstances, problems, challenges, successes et al for himself on a daily basis.

But due to an ignorance of the creative processes in him Viz the power of thoughts and how to direct this creative thought energy towards wholesome channels.

He creates, but it’s a creation he detests (and he is not aware that many of those things/situations were his creations in the first place)

So the circle keeps repeating itself, until he unconsciously aligns himself with his latent creative powers (which doesn’t happen in all cases)

But why wait, why wait till you unconsciously get to understand the ‘open secret’ that YOU ARE A CREATIVE ENTITY?

When you can consciously learn and put these things into practice.

But who would teach me how to channel the powers of my mind you ask?

First start with a desire, and keep that on the front burner of your mind.

UPDATED 26-06-2015


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