You are above your mind.

Beauty is ordinary, attitude is extraordinary.

Complexity makes things appear intelligent, but the layman revels in simplicity and therein lies sublime intelligence.

The mind is boundless in energy, once set on a course it is like an ox and it would take the most forceful of yankings before it changes it course.

How can a mind be changed? It can be changed by you – consciousness. By determining that it would be changed, and refusing to be pushed to and fro by it.

Remain strong even in the face of such an adversary as your energetic and ‘stubborn’ mind. When you realize that you made it as powerful as it is now, by the thoughts you’ve been feeding it since you first ‘learnt’ how to think. Then you would realize that you can. Although it wouldn’t be a cake walk, but if you remain resolute you would smile at the end of the day.

For at the long run, the mind, encumbered with scattered thoughts tires of its ceaseless meanderings and eventually succumbs to the strength of the resolute and masterful will of the one who remains resolute – YOU.


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