Who AM I?

This blog is a sort of diary (for therapeutic reasons – before I lose my mind) and an autobiography of my life from then (when is then?) till this present moment; which never really ends because believe it or not, we are always in that moment.

Nevertheless I’m a graduate of the school of HardKnocks and a Masters degree holder in this game called Life.

With time, I’ve come to realize that self education is the Master Key!

When you take away the floss, that’s what education really should be.

About you and your experiences, not the compulsion to swallow theories, concepts and attitudes whole.

Without questioning their validity, you would be expected to regurgitate what you have learnt on ‘Exam day’.

Life itself is an ongoing education. School is mindless programming, turning Individuals into unthinking automatons.

Timely confessions and a protestation of my aspirations in order to release my inhibitions and fears and chart a new course for myself in this arena called LIFE.

That about sums it up, but that is not ME.

Can Man, be truly defined?


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